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About Us

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I have always been a tinkerer, taking apart pretty much everything, even as a child to see what made it tick. Growing up on the family farm afforded me lots of opportunity to take things apart and repair them out of necessity. When in high school, I met a master woodworker in town and after pestering the poor man for months, I became an apprentice to him…. where I learned the core of my woodworking skills. After high school, I left my home town for several years to serve our country as a U.S. Marine.  Upon discharge from the Marine Corps, I landed in the Midwest working in the petroleum industry, but always continued to develop my wood working passion.

In 2004 I came back to my Hudson Valley home town, and soon after married my high school sweetheart. I made her an oak vanity the year we married, using an antique oak and leaded glass mirror. Eventually my hobby turned into refinishing antique furniture, building cabinets, and mostly making cutting boards in a basement workshop. We are fortunate enough to now have a fully equipped outbuilding workshop. I still tinker, restoring and fixing things as the need arises and my woodworking hobby has evolved into a full-time business.

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